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So here’s the deal. I can transfer to UF for their Interior Design program with an AA from UCF. I have to take Applied Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Technical Writing within the parameters of my AA. OR, if I don’t get into the Interior Design program, I can either stay here or transfer to UF and get my degree in Education. Under Education I have to take U.S. History 1492-1877, 1877-Present, Intro to Philosophy, Finite Math, and Statistics in addition to what I’m already taking. So if I take all the required courses that both these majors necessitate, I’ll be in a comfortable position my sophomore year. I still don’t know what I’m better suited to do. With Interior Design I would get a Bachelor of Design, and with teaching I could get a Masters. Teacher’s salaries begin between 39,000 and 44,000 a year and Interior Designers begin between 22,000 and 40,000, but if I eventually owned my own firm I would make around 100,000 a year. Money worries me in concern for having a family and providing. With Interior Design I would be all over the place, and I would be working for commission. Teaching plants me somewhere with built in vacation time. I really like both of these professions, but I feel like I won’t know for sure until I attempt either of them. So maybe if I do get into the Interior Design program I could double major or minor, then I would be free to go either way at any stage of my life. Basically what I’m saying is I need to visit Gainesville and see if I really want that. UCF is a really nice college, but I feel like it’s a platform for moving upward. It is what UF was twenty or thirty years ago. I feel like it will inevitably become a fairly respected college but, at this stage, I don’t know how seriously I would be taken with a degree from here. Any input?
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