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Heather Anne and I played tennis yesterday, and by played I mean sucked royally. It was excellent, particularly the part where we conversed like boys. Then we decided to be classy broads and

First, lovely hurrr.

Then lovely clothes. Clayton came along too.

Oh family.

Movie hoping turned into Chinese, the puppy store, and one movie. I fell in love with a polydactyl kitty.

Twenty four toes look like mittens. I want a snuggle buddy so bad.

Heather and Clayton found love as well. Aeon Flux was fucking awesome just like I hoped it would be. It made me want to watch the series again. Afterward we swung by the girl’s place to wish Chelsea a happy birthday. All together I’d say it was a pretty classy night.
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god, that chihuahua clayton is holding looks so ill.

and by ill i mean awesome!!!
I bought the entire Aeon Flux series on DVD two months before the movie was even announced. Needless to say, Hollywood copies me.

heather's black shoes are so cute.
dude... I miss you kids.. we're on for our joneses nights? righto?
i don't know who's the sexiest person in these pix...
was that, "clayton is the sexiest?" or just an exclamation of happiness at finding him on livejournal?
a little bit of both.