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welcome to thunderdome, bitch.

Visiting home was lovely. I didn’t realize I missed being home as much as I did until I was actually there. Being able to wake up in my room and wear a bathing suit without creepy old men honking, walking to the beach, jet skiing, good company, driving on a1a, kitties, and my lovely mother are what I missed the most. My mom is cute and tweaked my room a bit while I was gone. She made this gorgeous shell mirror, got new sheets, and cute little I miss you projects like that.

Tsunami has liver problems. The vet gave us pills for her but if they don’t help she’ll probably have to be put down. I wish she would get better, I would really miss my snuggle buddy.

Deland this weekend was pleasant as well. Sammie is SUPER pregnant and Joe, Hope, Mitzi, and Margie were all having birthdays. Jeff and Uncle Mark are involved in an invitational golf tournament and last I checked they were playing 73 and 75 when par is 70. I don’t know loads about golf but that impresses the hell out of me. At the hotel they were staying at we watched this huge traditional Scottish wedding. The men were all in kilts and definitely flashed us the goods from the pier. I want a fun wedding like that, nothing uptight and robotic. It feels so unfamiliar approaching a family gathering so willingly. I am now in charge of the duration of my stay, what a concept. When I got home I made a big trip to Joann and stocked up on the goods.

I still want to write a children’s book, one with creepy monster main characters, and trips to the dentist, and gaining self confidence. I also want to start one of those mail projects where you circulate a book through the mail and each person it goes through is in charge of one page. I would at least like to be a part of one. I wish I had the patience to make Luette Scarves. They’re so nicely made.

I'm just so starved for projects lately. I think I invested too much into the idea of college being a life altering experience. I’m still the same; still blindly stabbing at an idea of what I may want, but cannot yet define. How is it that I attended a school for seven years that was designed to accelerate the process by which I discovered ways to successfully work with talents I had, and I still seem to be the only undeclared Dreyfoos kid in the entire US? oh GOD the whining. I half heartedly wish we ran our basic education system in a similar fashion with the Chinese. Test me, tell me what I can do, and then give me the classes that will make me excel in that area at such a young age I never have to lie in this indeterminate state. Boo, negativity leaves such an awful taste in my mouth.
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