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[insert]: greg making a stupid joke about my hands here.

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To not be a complete downer, Thanksgiving was lovely. I was with my entire family in Deland and it was really pleasant. Christy’s boyfriend’s family came to dinner so there were around 30 of us. We had six pies, two pumpkin, two pecan, and four old fashioned cream. And we are definitely the ULTIMATE Publix commercial.

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Sammie had the baby on Saturday after I left, so I’m an aunt now. Aside from my dad things are actually going really well, and contrary to the image of angry bitterness that I’ve been projecting on my journal lately, I feel pretty happy. It’s almost Christmas and nothing can ruin how nice it feels this time of year. I have a mini-tree for my room, I bought a Gingerbread House Kit, and I can’t wait to see everyone when they come down.

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